"Rebirth of Consciousness"

"Rebirth of Consciousness" (April 2018)

This unique piece of artwork is the one that makes everyone turn their heads when passing by. It's full of beautiful details and one can look at it for a long time and always notice something new. The original artwork is 3D hence why this image offers such a beautiful depth and dimension. It's suitable for home decor or commercial spaces. 

**For purchasing this artwork you have to email me first if you are NOT LOCATED IN CANADA. The shipping rates vary and cannot be calculated through my website. I will make a unique invoice for International Buyers. See details below. If you are buying and shipping this artwork in Canada, go ahead with the purchase, the shipping price is included. 

Available Sizes: 
24"x 36" (91.44cm x 60.96cm)
40" x 60" (101.60cm x 152.4cm)
48" x 72" (121.92cm x 182.88cm) 

Artwork Print Details: 
-Premium Aluminum Print
-High Gloss Finish
-Ultra Slim
-Ready and easy to hang
-Suitable for indoor and outdoor display
-Chemical, Scratch, Abrasion and Stain Resistant 

**All aluminum prints are made to order. Please allow 7-15 business days for production time and additional time for shipping (which varies depending on destination). We will advise you according to your individual location over email. 

**If you are an international buyer, please
 contact me for purchasing the artwork by email at ArijanaLukicArt@gmail.com and include the following information in your email: 

1. Your Full Name
2. Name of the Artwork
3. Desired Size of Artwork (if multiple sizes are offered)
4. Your full address for shipping so I can effectively get a shipping estimate
5. Phone number where I can reach you in case I need to call you
**I will reply to you with the shipping quote within 24-48h.

**Original Artwork is made with Resin and Alcohol Inks and is not for sale. I keep them all in my own collection.