Arijana Lukic Artist


I am a self taught full time Abstract Artist living in Edmonton, Canada. I am working currently with epoxy resin as a medium. I am passionate about this fluid art and everything this medium has to offer. I love the vibrancy of pigments and inks combined with the high gloss of resin. Every artwork looks beautifully polished and is very appealing to the eye. Each creation is unique and there are no two of the same.

The element of chemistry is also a huge part of my creative process in which combining certain inks with resin can create stunning and unique patterns. It’s like watching all the laws of the Universe come together in creating the artwork. It's full of movement and very inspiring to look at. 

My most important social platform is Youtube. Most of my art creations are videotaped and edited by me and posted on my Youtube Channel showing the core process of my work. In the last 12 months, my art videos have been viewed over 1 Million times and growing daily. I am using this platform to share and inspire others and to serve those who need help in learning the same techniques.

I will be posting new creations periodically. You can also subscribe to my newsletter to be notified about my new products and future exhibits! 

Thanks for stopping by!