June 07, 2019

Thank you all in the Instant Pot® Community for cheering me up Wednesday evening when I was “cooking” my Pineapple Bundt Cake in the Instant Pot using a Non-IP Recipe. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! And I personally, am not afraid to fail and try again, so I was READY FOR ANYTHING, especially because it was my first IP cake ever!

I also dislike pre-made cakes and like making them all from scratch, so I decided to take this Pineapple Bundt Cake and turn it into an Instant Pot cake (or at least attempt).

So here are the photos and tweaks I made and the recipe will be at the bottom! Enjoy!

Recipe is the SAME apart that I didn’t use regular sugar, but changed it to Coconut Sugar. It’s not as sweet to the taste and to be honest, much better for me. But I am sure it’s also delicious with normal sugar as well. If you use Coconut Sugar, keep mixing it in your bowl until your solution becomes lighter brown than when you start. 

I ALSO used the IP to melt the white chocolate! 2min on High Pressure in a metal mixing bowl and Quick Release and done!!!! Even if they look not fully melted, they are, just scoop them into your mixing bowl with the rest and you’ll see. No burnt/dry chocolate with the IP! We bought many of these bowls and I use them all the time now, also for leftover food, because I can just put this in the IP and warm my leftovers in minutes https://amzn.to/2WCFeMn

So as so many of you followed, this batter was too much for this Bundt Cake pan (6 cups pan fits 6qt and 8qt Instant posts https://amzn.to/2XytUhg. I had to remove some batter...

I left about 1” in the pan, but the 2nd batch wasn’t as large but large enough for a 2nd cake anyway. You can always split it equally if you want. I also didn’t mind the mess left on the edges, I used Coconut Oil Spray and the pan was pretty well sprayed.

(This was the second batch, you can see it's a little smaller.)

I covered the cake with aluminum foil tight enough and used a knife to poke the middle so air can circulate. 

Then I pressed CAKE button, or for most other Instant Pots it would be High Pressure/Manual and cooked the cake in 40min with 10min Natural Pressure Release.

(I think this is the optimal cooking time, but next I would try 45min with 10min NPR just to compare results.)

Then I released the rest of the pressure and the REST IS HISTORY! Yayyyyy! The cake ended up being yummy! We ate more than 1/4 the same night before bed. It's also very good half warm! 

I just had some cake again and it’s Friday afternoon as I am posting this for everyone. I warmed it up for 30sec in the microwave as I love the taste of warm Pineapple. With a cup of coffee, this is sooo good, as a snack or even for breakfast! 

Here is a full recipe, I am sure you will love Tatyana as much as I do!  

Enjoy the cake, because cake is LIFE!